Lucky Penny

This pizza is advertised as a pretty classic margherita pizza, but it was super spicy IMO. To no surprise, I took the tomatoes off, but the sauce itself must have had some sort of kick to it. The olive oil drizzle was a nice touch, though.

The cheese was also a moist burrata, rather than the classic mozzarella. Now don’t get me wrong, the burrata was amazing and tastes so similar to mozzarella that I barely notice a difference, but they do definitely skimp on the cheese. 

The crust tasted great and was cooked super well, but the sauce was subpar – a little sparse and a little dry.

And finally, why did they have to put an entire basil plant on top of this pizza? I find that the best margherita pizzas have just a few basil leaves – maybe one every four bites for a fresh taste. Uncooked basil is hard to bite in half and too much of it over powers the pizza (especially with the lack of cheese). 

Overall rating: 5/10

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