Growing up, my sister and I would visit my grandma in Santa Barbara every summer for one week and she would never fail to bring us to Pizza Mizza. Pizza Mizza has since rebranded with a new location downtown as Mizza, so I was super excited to bring my grandma here for dinner.

We split the margherita pizza and the creamy pesto + smoked chicken pasta (chicken not pictured, but we got it on the side because I don’t like my foods to touch). 

The pasta dish was delicious! The pesto was so creamy and rich and the shape of the pasta really complimented the sauce – this was the first time I’d ever had orecchiette at a restaurant. Pine nuts also always do a great job bringing out the flavor of pesto pasta, so those were a great touch. 

Like I mentioned, we got the chicken on the side. It was not my favorite. The smokey notes in the chicken were super overpowering, and I even ended up dipping the chicken in the excess pesto sauce to see if I’d like it better (unfortunately, it didn’t help).

The presentation of the pizza was nice – I liked how it came on that wooden serving plate and how the basil was placed so perfectly in rounds, but the pizza itself was super dry. You can tell by the cheese that the pizza was overcooked and the tomatoes and sauce were bland and boring. There was nothing special about the crust that made it stand out either.

Overall rating: 6/10

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