Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

My Italian dad is super specific about the pizza and pasta that he eats. We were super excited to try Tony’s in North Beach, San Fransisco. Tony’s margherita pizza was a world pizza cup winner in Naples, Italy and the chef only makes 73 of these per day (if anyone knows why, please let me know). To put it shortly, this is a very special marghertia pizza.

Let me just preface this post by saying this is hands down the best margherita pizza I’ve had in my whole life (granted, I’ve never been to Italy, but this is just about as close as I can get). From the puffy crust to the bubbly, pink sauce, I would marry this pizza if I could.

The crust was cooked to perfection, with a few charred spots (not too many). It was chewy and fluffy in all the right places.

I am super specific about the basil that goes on my margherita pizza, and Tony’s does it best. I like that the basil is cooked slightly and distributed evenly throughout the pizza. I also appreciate the fact that they take care in removing the stems from the basil. It’s little things like this that led to a perfect score for this pizza.

A fior di latte mozzarella is used for this pizza – super classic and delicious.

And now for the true star of this pizza – the sauce. The sauce was super light and almost creamy. I have the greatest appreciation for a beautiful pink sauce on margherita pizza, especially when it’s made with just blended and roasted tomatoes.

Tony’s margherita pizza is also topped with sea salt and olive oil, which is just *chef’s kiss*. These are the only two toppings I enjoy on a classic margherita pizza.

Overal rating: 10/10

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