Flour House

When I visited San Luis Obispo, every single one of my SLO friends recommended Flour House. We got four pizzas for four people and, of course, I ordered their classic margherita pizza.

This pizza was made with a mixture of fior de latte mozzarella and mozzarella di bufala (not that I even know what that means), and it was amazing. The areas where the sauce met the cheese to form a light pink, bubbly, juicy goodness were to die for. The amount of cheese was also great. If I am really going deep into my review of this pizza, I would have preferred that it was more evened out closer to the crust. My pizza-pet peeve is when I’m taking the last bite of a slice and there is no cheese, so I have to poke and prod to even out the cheese myself.

The sauce only has one ingredient: crushed tomatoes. I think that’s why I loved it so much – no crazy additions that made it spicy or too flavor-blasted. The amount of sauce they used was also exactly to my preference.

My entire family agreed that Flour House had definitely perfected this dough/crust recipe. I love the mini charred bubbles on the curst, while still being surrounded by light and bright flour-y dough. I mean, this place is known for this pizzas and the crust is a huge aspect of an authentic, wood-fired pizza, so they get an A+ for the crust.

Now the downfall of this pizza… the basil (or lack there of). IMO, a proper margherita pizza should have lightly cooked, small pieces of basil throughout, but not too close to the crust. Is that too much to ask for? Although the basil is not the most important aspect of a margherita pizza to me, the tiny sprigs just scream “low-effort”.

Overall rating: 8/10

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