How It All Started

I’ve been picky my whole life (shocker!), but I never really thought of myself as being so crazy picky until college started. Eating in the dining halls at UC Santa Barbara was a nightmare. Some days, I would literally have a bowl of sunflower seeds and a crinkle cookie for dinner. All of my new friends were baffled by all of the foods I had never tried, and they pride themselves on encouraging me to try soup for the first time – chicken noodle, of course. To no surprise, I didn’t like it. 

During March 2020, when California was under strict quarantine guidelines by the CDC because of the spread of coronavirus, I started trying a lot of new foods. TikTok was becoming super popular, so my older sister gave me an incentive saying “Let’s film a video of you trying food that you’ve never had before, it will be so funny, it could go viral!”. So I agreed. The first TikTok we ever made was of me trying super general fruits that most people eat when they are toddlers, including a banana, orange, and grape. It got a few thousand views. So, we made another fruit-trying video featuring some more “exotic” fruits, like an avocado and a kiwi. Things got crazy when we made the infamous “sister tries condiments for the first time” video. Overnight, the video got 300,000 views, and is currently up to 3.7 million views on Riley’s original TikTok account. The video was also posted by Barstool Sports on TikTok and Instagram where it has over 8 million collective views across those two platforms. People could not believe that I had never tried a condiment before, and even more so, that I didn’t like any of them! Accounts in the comments were diagnosing me with different illnesses or relating to me and saying “me too”. Sometimes when I meet someone new and tell them about the video, they will say to me “I’ve seen that!”. We went on to make a few more videos after that. 

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