A Simple Question: Why?

The first thing anyone asks when I tell them about my odd diet is “why?”. Honestly, I don’t have an answer for that. People are quick to blame my parents, saying that they should have forced me to try different foods as a child. But my sister and I were raised in the exact same way, and she eats a huge variety of foods!  

Is something wrong with my taste buds? Do I have ARFID? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t really care. The way I eat is not unhealthy. Doctors have always told me that I should expand upon my palette, but never in a way that insinuates that I am unhealthy. So I guess you can blame my taste buds, or my parents.

But who knows – maybe I do have super sensitive taste buds, or maybe I don’t like the vinegar flavor that is in condiments. I have never really cared enough to look into it much deeper.

Another huge part of it is fear. As a 21-year old, it’s silly to admit that I’m scared of trying new foods, but it’s the truth. When I had to start cooking for myself in college, I would have trips to the grocery store where I would cry because I didn’t know what food to make and was bored of whatever I was eating. I’ve also had many awkward encounters at birthday dinners at a sushi restaurants where I literally wouldn’t eat because there was nothing on the menu that I liked, or embarrassment at an Italian restaurant asking for pasta with no sauce on it. 

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