writing samples

image of california with a heart near santa barbara

writing for public relations

company profile and mission statment

For a writing for public relations course that I took in Winter 2022, I was able to choose a company to base work around for the entirety of the class. One task was to write (or rewrite) a profile description for the company and a mission statement which might appear on a website or “about us” section for the company. This sample showcases my ability to take information about a company and turn it into a descriptive representation of that company by utilizing some or my PR skills.

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writing for magazine

local feature article

This feature article was written for a magazine writing course alongside two of my classmates. I was the main writer and editor for this piece and took data and quotes that the other students had gathered to put into an article. This sample showcases not only my journalistic writing abilities, but also my editing skills.

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image of a school bus, logo for School on Wheels

journalism writing

club feature artcile

I applied to and began writing for UCSB's "Bottom Line Newspaper"after I took a journalism course in Fall 2020. This was an experience that I dove into in order to expand upon my journalistic skills in a fun and pressure-free way. I enjoyed being able to write feature articles about aspects of student life that I was particularly interested in.

This published article combined two of my extracurricular activities: writing for the newspaper and the School on Wheels tutoring club. This sample showcases my journalistic writing abilities, including my interview skills and ability to intertwine an interview into my writing.

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research and opinion

sociological research essay

As I have a sociology degree, I have written dozens of essays concerning different topics of social justice. This essay holds a special place in my heart because my mom and sister are both public school teachers and I have seen firsthand the maintenance of inequalities within the U.S. school systems. Of course, this is a research essay that I did for a sociology course, but it is also an opinion piece where I was bale to share my thoughts surrounding this issue.

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image of the Kappa Alpha Theta symbol with writing over it

multimedia writing

sorority newsletter

During the year 2019, I worked as Executive Assistant for my sorority, where I wrote down meeting minutes and designed a newsletter each week to send to absent members and alumni.

I designed this sample on Canva and it shows my ability to pair writing with digital/multimedia design. This newsletter allowed me total creative freedom in my design, where I could use any pictures, colors, and fonts that I wanted to.

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image of six people on a Zoom call

online journalism

local feature article

I took a writing course for web and social media in Fall 2020 where we researched and wrote stories for the UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts website. I really enjoyed this project because it was my introduction to multimedia writing. Being able to combine a writing sample with an infographic made me realize that I appreciate writing in the multimedia style.

I was very proud that this piece got pushed to the editor and later published onto the HFA website. This is the fully edited and published version of my HFA article, including the infographic and image. This sample shows the ways that I can combine journalistic writing, infographics, and interview material (including quotes and an image) together, all while doing so completely online.

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broadcast news report

This writing sample was from a journalism course I took during Spring 2021. We were tasked with writing a one-minute long news report that would be televised on the day of a created incident. The story began with a brief stand-up where I introduced the story and continued through to explain what happened. This was an exciting story to write because while I voiced the story, I was also able to create imagined video evidence to go along with it.This sample emphasizes my journalistic writing abilities in a broader way, showing that I can write creatively, promptly and, with a reporting voice.

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writing for public speaking

business venture pitch

For this project in WRIT 105PS (Writing for Public Speaking), we were tasked with creating a business venture and presenting the project in a persuasive way.I learned about the value of creating a simple PowerPoint presentation with minimal wording in order to direct the attention of an audience to the words I was saying. I also learned how to write for a persuasive purpose and how to write for public speaking.

Again, this project shows more of my digital design abilities, but in a new setting.As my Adulting101 blog posts are more informational, the information for this venture is shown more in my writing, and the PowerPoint is supplemental. My voice really shines through in the writing sample because I am speaking to an audience and persuading them to purchase my product.

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